Time-Lapse Experiment

Well unfortunately I haven't been able to get out for much photography lately, but I have started looking into trying something called "time-lapse" photography.

Time-lapse photography is basically setting your camera up on a tripod and making it take photos like one every second for a long time and then putting it together into a video. For instance if you had it set for 1 photo every 1 second and let it shoot for 1 hour, you could take those 360 photos and create a 30 frames-per-second video that would be just over 45 seconds long. In doing this, you get to see a lot of time, weather and lighting changes in a very short time.

It's a neat effect that I'd love to try in a scenic location for sunset. But to get started I had to try it with something basic first:

This was at Pastor Don's parent's house. I think the experiment went well, and was a success since I learned from a mistake. I had the camera set to an automatic exposure level, so that's why there is lots of "flashing" through the video. I'll definitely set it to manual exposure next time!

Stay tuned for a scenic time-lapse video in the future!


  1. Wow! That is pretty neat. Did you plan for the Austin's to join the video? I like your idea about doing a sunset. It would be magnificent.

    1. Thanks! No I did not plan on the Austins driving through the frame, but I'm glad they did! I only started it and let it shoot away while I was inside. It just kept shooting till the battery died! :)


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