Alaskan Adventures, Vol. 4

Not too much to share this week, but wanted to share a bit from July 4th and my upcoming trip to the Brooks Range Bible Camp.

July 4th at Glacier View in Matanuska Valley is quite possibly the most unique celebration in the country. The surrounding views can't be beat. You get Kingdom Air Corps to do flyovers in formation with 5 bush planes. A very redneck parade of beat-up cars (they'll come in later) and Alaskan style rigs. A conservative message and Christian prayer. Lots of food. And launching those beat-up cars off a big cliff. What a day!

Planes lining up for takeoff. Dwayne in the lead with the awesome retro-style Cessna 180.

Just after takeoff, looking back at King Ranch with Matanuska River winding up towards our destination.

Ben Lula piloting the Cessna 150 on the opposite side of the formation from me.

Joe Gerwig piloting the Cessna 182 in the center of the formation.

Dwayne at the head of the pack.

Great views over the river.

Joe peeling off during the "Missing Man" formation, to honor our fallen military troops.

Dwayne in the booth before his prayer for the celebrations.

Quite the crowd, quite the view!

Some nicely decked out vehicles.

Some Alaskan-redneck-style vehicles. :)

Like I said, literally launching cars off cliffs.

And crashing down the hillside.

Pretty decent view. :)

Later that night back at Kingdom Air Corps, we had a fireworks show in broad daylight. Not something you always hear about, but it was a great show!

This week Dwayne had me and Teresa Dehmel working on individualized thank-you cards for those who have donated airplanes and such to the ministry. It has been a fun project, and it's been good to put to use some design & layout skills. I've really enjoyed getting to know Craig & Teresa Dehmel this week through that project and the cabin extension project with Craig.

Sunday will be a day of preparation (packing for me) for Brooks Range Bible Camp. Pray for all the planning and execution of this trip to go well! There's a bit involved with taking 8 planes 400 miles into the arctic wilderness. Kingdom Air Corps finances this trip too, so pray for the Lord to provide for the ministry. Below are some pictures of where we will be going (I'm pretty sure).

Zoomed out view of our location in Brooks Range.

Perspective with Kingdom Air Corps' location compared to Brooks Range Camp.

Airstrip at Crevice Creek!
Here's a Google Maps so you can see where I'll be:

I'm pretty excited! The first week I'll be tasked with taking photos & video and putting together a video to share with the kids at the end of the week. I will likely be out of communication until we return from the two-week trip.

I appreciate your prayers! Pray for the hearts of these kids and their families. They need leaders to continue the gospel mission in their villages.

Until next time...


  1. Great post!!! The launching of cars -- any videos ?? :)

  2. Plenty :)

    Not good enough internet here to upload videos yet, but I have lots of videos from most of these updates.


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