Winter's Filling in The Hole

Jackson's Hole, anyway! With snow!

This morning my parents and I went for a sunrise photo shoot in Grand Teton National Park. Yesterday the mountains were brightened with a fresh layer of snow, and we wanted to capture some unique Fall scenes. Unfortunately the cloud cover restrained any nice sunrise color.

Cascade Canyon Turnout - Fresh snow on the mountains and sage brush!

Cascade Canyon Turnout Panorama

We got a couple decent views. While we were waiting for the color that didn't come, we were also watching some elk on the opposite side of the road from us. A nice big bull elk was chasing around some disobedient stragglers.

Dominant bull elk making his voice known

Close shot of sage brush

After watching the elk get too far away from us, we turned back and headed home via the Moose-Wilson road in the park. We had great timing! We pulled to a stop behind several cars. People with big cameras and lenses were getting out of their vehicles and shooting a black bear who was eating berries from his perch in the trees right off the road. We made it before the ranger got there and started moderating traffic. We had to drive back and forth a few times to get these shots:

Black bear eating over the speed limit. :)

Checking out the commotion, not feeling bothered at all.

Right on the berry. :)

Reaching for food, snowfall an all-too-familiar sight and experience for the Tetons.

We were very blessed with this opportunity from the Lord to watch and capture His creation!

I think our fall season gets shorter every year. :)

Thanks for viewing and God bless!


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