Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/11 JHBC Backpack Trip

I co-led Jackson Hole Bible College's 4 night backpack trip from September 10-14. We trekked through Jedediah Smith Wilderness into the Granite Basin area, and camped near "Lower Lake". The sunset the first night was spectacular!

Some shots looking down South Leigh Creek Canyon:

Cliffs surrounding Lower Lake

My fellow photographer Leah, shooting down South Leigh Creek Canyon

Sunset streaking across the clouds

Closeup of the fiery sunset

Panorama of the Canyon

Trees lining the ridge - kind of looks like they are trekking uphill. :)

Sunset glow lingers

The next day we went on a day hike up to Little's Peak. After summiting, we went off trail across a ridge that we figured would come out overlooking Lake Solitude. We were right! It was one of the coolest hikes I've done. Some tight boulder ridges and huge granite slabs that we hiked over. Here are some shots of our rewarding view:

Lake Solitude in Cascade Canyon with the Tetons in the background. 

Some stormy clouds hanging over the Tetons, causing us to head back a bit early.

Aaron Schroder (JHBC student) taking photos.

Some of our hiking group hanging out at the overlook.

Some puddles were on top of the ridge from rain.

Panorama of our view.

The next day we went on a hike to Green Lakes. Here are some interesting shots:

Green Lake from the trail. Color looks more green from higher viewpoints.

Some fall colors in the brush.

Another view, another foreground, same lake. :)

Fish rising near the colorful shore.

I really liked the greens and the rocks near the edge. :)

Looking back at the trail, some red fall colors.

View from the shore of the lake.

A little bottle of Tabasco sauce at the bottom of the lake! :)

The rest of the trip went well. I got to do some fishing with my new fly rod. Lower Lake is stock full of nice cutthroat trout. Here's some I caught:

Me with a few cutthroat trout around 12 inches each.

Praise the Lord for choosing to use me in ways that I love! His glory is shown so clearly in His creation - direct it to praise and honor to His name!

Delight yourself in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4, ESV)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Teewinot Climb (09/07/13)

My brother Matt, Steven and I decided to climb Teewinot (A "Teton Cathedral Peak" in Grand Teton National Park) as a warmup for Jackson Hole Bible College's backpacking trip that we would lead the next week. It was certainly a warmup, and much more! A great decision to whip us into shape.

We started quite early, and it took us about 10 hours total from the trail parking lot and back. We only got lost a couple times, and went the wrong way a few more times... but that only meant harder climbing! Here's some video I took along the hike with my GoPro camera:

And here are my photos from the top:

Little spire below Teewinot Peak, looking Southeast

My hiking comrades

Steven lookin' 'round

Great view of Cascade Canyon, with Lake Solitude at the end.

Steven straddling the peak. :)

Looking down at Jenny Lake.

Grand Teton (left) and Mount Owen (right). Teton glacier at bottom left.

Panorama showing Grand Teton, Mt. Owen and Cascade Canyon (from left to right).

The Grand Teton and Teton Glacier

B&W version of the Grand and Owen

The Grand

Panorama of my view from Teewinot's peak.

Cascade Canyon

Top of the Grand, a few people at the peak.

Jackson Lake

Panorama of view towards Jackson Lake.

Hiking comrades

Me with Grand and Owen in background.

Another peak to add to the hiking adventures!

God bless!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Winter's Filling in The Hole

Jackson's Hole, anyway! With snow!

This morning my parents and I went for a sunrise photo shoot in Grand Teton National Park. Yesterday the mountains were brightened with a fresh layer of snow, and we wanted to capture some unique Fall scenes. Unfortunately the cloud cover restrained any nice sunrise color.

Cascade Canyon Turnout - Fresh snow on the mountains and sage brush!

Cascade Canyon Turnout Panorama

We got a couple decent views. While we were waiting for the color that didn't come, we were also watching some elk on the opposite side of the road from us. A nice big bull elk was chasing around some disobedient stragglers.

Dominant bull elk making his voice known

Close shot of sage brush

After watching the elk get too far away from us, we turned back and headed home via the Moose-Wilson road in the park. We had great timing! We pulled to a stop behind several cars. People with big cameras and lenses were getting out of their vehicles and shooting a black bear who was eating berries from his perch in the trees right off the road. We made it before the ranger got there and started moderating traffic. We had to drive back and forth a few times to get these shots:

Black bear eating over the speed limit. :)

Checking out the commotion, not feeling bothered at all.

Right on the berry. :)

Reaching for food, snowfall an all-too-familiar sight and experience for the Tetons.

We were very blessed with this opportunity from the Lord to watch and capture His creation!

I think our fall season gets shorter every year. :)

Thanks for viewing and God bless!