Hike to Lake of the Crags

Josh, Steven and I had another hiking adventure last Friday. We decided to take on Lake of the Crags. It's an off-the-official-trail hike that branches off of the North Jenny Lake trail. We decided to head out a bit late, which almost caused Josh's downfall for getting to work on time that night.

We got to the trailhead at around 12:15pm, and started hiking the all-too-familiar trail from String Lake Trailhead. We got to the branch in the trail and started heading up the rugged and steep trail to the lake. The sun was at full blast beating down on us. Not the time of day we prefer hiking in, but we were just getting a warmup hike in before our coming adventure of hiking Middle Teton and South Teton peaks tomorrow.

It was a pretty difficult hike for just 3-3.5 miles. The trail goes straight up 2500 feet in about 2.5-3 miles. We were struggling a bit to keep up our pace. We finally got to the lake at about 2:15pm.

Josh and Steven filling up our waters with the filter.

Lake of the Crags

Pretty nice colors!
Looking up the cliffs beside the lake.

Snow-fed Lake of the Crags

Looking up at the surrounding peaks.

Here's a video I took at the top:

Notice I said in the video that we started at 12:15 and ended at 12:15... it was a mistake, we really didn't do the hike instantaneously. We're not quite that good yet. :)

We spent a bit too much time up there before heading down, and had to make up for it with a speedy pace. I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you have to. That steep of downhill at that pace = hurting legs. :) We were all sore for a few days (including a bit today).

Here are a few photos I took on the way down:

Closeup of fleabane daisy wildflower

There were lots of these fleabane daisies along the last part of the trail.

Looking down at the String Lake Trailhead (starts at that bridge).

We got to the car right before the rain started hitting at around 4:15. After a quick drive home we got Josh to work on time and just relaxed. :)

Definitely a cool hike!


  1. Nice photos! I like the third and second to last pictures of the Lake of the Craigs alot (the first set of photos). Hope the pain from the hike doesn't last too long.

    1. Thanks! The pain lasted a few days, but worth it!

  2. wow, you photos are really good. id love to go there to


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