6/27 Hike to Delta, Amphitheater, Bradley Lakes and Rodeo

The Trekking-Trio was at it again on Friday. God blessed us with another opportunity to do some hiking in some favorite, and even new territories all in the same day. We started off the day at Lupine Meadows trailhead, hiking almost nonstop to Delta Lake (I think we did it faster than ever before). Once we got there we ate and rested for about an hour, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Steven with Delta Lake and the Tetons in the background. Pretty sweet profile pic if you ask me.

Delta Lake from the rock we were resting on.

A little hiking character thrown in. :)

Closeup of Mount Owen.

Closeup of the slot between the Grand and Owen.

Closeup of the little peak next to the Grand.

And an entertaining-as-always video:

So our next destination on the hike was Amphitheater Lake. None of us had ever been up there, so we decided it was about time. It was a bit hard going up the rest of those switchbacks after our trek to Delta Lake, but as Stafford says "Hiking is 90% mental and 10% physical." With the "just-keep-going" mentality, we made it up there just fine and honestly we weren't as impressed with Amphitheater - when compared to Delta. But don't take my written words for it - here's a video and more photos!

Amphitheater Lake, with some ice left! The Grand is "peaking" (pun intended) above the ridge there.

Stafford and Steven filling up our waters with the filter.

A marmot just chilling.

View of the lake from another angle. Mount Owen is on the right.

Another shot, just for photography's sake. :)

The hike down was a refreshing change from the constant uphill we'd been doing. We booked it down to the first fork in the trail, and decided to head down the trail to Bradley Lake instead of going back to the parking lot. I thought Lupine Meadows was actually on the trail somewhere, so I thought we should try down that way to look for them. I was wrong, but again - let the video do the talking. :)

Bradley Lake, looking up at the Tetons (Grand, Owen, Teewinot left to right).

Pretty nice view of the lake with I believe Avalanche Canyon in the background.

So finally we had to head back up the trail we came down and then head down to the Lupine Meadows parking lot. We were glad to be finished. We were originally planning on going through Lupine Meadows for a couple specific fans of mine who have requested photos from there, but alas not that day! Sometime soon I promise! :)

Then to top off the day, we went to the Rodeo for a specific fun event called "grab the bull by the horns." Sounds awesome, eh? Don't worry, we didn't do it. But we had fun watching the Campus Crusade group (who had been staying at camp here for a month) try it out! There were 5 guys from the group that decided to do it. 3 on a team, 2 on another team with one of our Rocky Mountain Lodge staff members. It was quite the show, and I got it on video for ya'll! (here you go Cole! :)

And here's the group of them that did it! They did pretty well for first time!

And that's all for the day! Thanks for stopping by!

"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. For behold, those who are far from You shall perish; You put an end to everyone who is unfaithful to You. But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works."
-Psalm 73:26-28


  1. Great photos and videos! I like your group name " the trekking trio". Your pictures come out so clear and distict, it makes one almost feel like he is there.

    1. Thanks! I just came up with that name... I'll have to propose it to the guys.

  2. Breathtaking photos. Even in it's fallen state, God's creation is awesome.

    "The big one in the middle is the Grand..."

    I must say, probably my favorite part was Josh slapping his forehead at Steven's pun. :)

    1. Thanks, I agree! All glory to Him! I just love all their reactions to the camera. It's hilarious. :)


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