Hike to Death

... Death Canyon, that is. :)

Josh Stafford, Steven Nuendorf, and I were at it again this morning starting to prepare for hiking at 6:15am. We were on the Death Canyon trail by 7:30-7:45am. Death Canyon is farther south than the hikes we'd been doing, so we figured it might just be more snow-free.

For the most part, it was. But once we got to the ranger cabin and started heading towards Fox Creek Pass, the forest was still full of huge piles of snow that we had to trudge though. We put up with it for about 1.5 miles or so, following the creek to help us stay somewhat on the trail. But then we lost it, and clouds were looming ahead of us. So we decided to turn back.

Here's how we started the return adventure:

As you can probably tell, we have a blast hiking together. :)

It did rain and even hail a bit on us, and we were ready to be free of the snow which soaked our shoes. So we made it to the ranger cabin pretty quickly and kept up a pretty good pace till we were back to the parking lot. Still working on getting in better hiking shape! Here are some photos and another video from the hike:

P.S. We came across a deer early on the trail and also a fox that trotted right by us! Unfortunately I did not get my camera out in time for either... I'm still a little sore about it. :)


  1. That first video just made my day! Miss my brothers!!!!

  2. The first video made me miss you three so much!

    1. Seems to be quite the hit.. first Analea, then you! :) Miss you too Missy!

  3. You guys seemed like you had a blast! You are all so funny!


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