Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time-Lapse Experiment

Well unfortunately I haven't been able to get out for much photography lately, but I have started looking into trying something called "time-lapse" photography.

Time-lapse photography is basically setting your camera up on a tripod and making it take photos like one every second for a long time and then putting it together into a video. For instance if you had it set for 1 photo every 1 second and let it shoot for 1 hour, you could take those 360 photos and create a 30 frames-per-second video that would be just over 45 seconds long. In doing this, you get to see a lot of time, weather and lighting changes in a very short time.

It's a neat effect that I'd love to try in a scenic location for sunset. But to get started I had to try it with something basic first:

This was at Pastor Don's parent's house. I think the experiment went well, and was a success since I learned from a mistake. I had the camera set to an automatic exposure level, so that's why there is lots of "flashing" through the video. I'll definitely set it to manual exposure next time!

Stay tuned for a scenic time-lapse video in the future!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Delta Lake Hike.. again. :)

Yep, third time now that I've hiked up to Delta Lake. This time was a little different though. It's spring time here in Jackson, but there's still plenty of snow up in the mountains. :) But Josh Stafford and I have been wanting to know when Delta Lake will be open with its milky turquoise-blue water. So this week we started decided to try it with our good buddy (and now fellow staff member) Steven.

Here's some elk we saw right by the parking lot:
Taken with iPhone, Elk with the Tetons in the background.

We got to the trailhead and started hiking at about 7:45am. For about half the hike we ran into very little snow at all. On the way we saw a couple sage grouse. One male was drumming right off the trail:


Then we hit the switchback where we usually start going off trail to Delta Lake, and found ourselves hiking on top of about 2-3 feet of snow on top of a boulder field. Not usually the safest idea, but we were careful to take our time and make footholds in the snow so we didn't slide to very high amounts of pain. :)

So we made our way slowly across this snowfield when we finally reached about midpoint in the valley. Here we stopped and observed our surroundings and the trail ahead that we knew we'd have to cross. As we looked around I noticed that the ridge of rock on the other side of the valley was quite open and dry, without much snow. It looked like we could easily make our way down and across to that ridge where we could start hiking in a much quicker and safer fashion. So we tried it, and we were all extremely glad we did. Here's a video and a couple photos of the valley once we reached safe rock:


Looking down the valley (the trail coming up is off to the right of this photo)

Looking up the valley, with the Grand peaking out up top. (ridge of rock that we chose as our path is on the right)

Once we were safely on that ridge it was a pretty good hike. Somewhat strenuous at times with quick elevation gain and some mud here and there that I always seemed to hit in the wrong way. But we did end up making it to overlook Delta Lake where I expected we would. We were overlooking the lake from about 50 feet above. There was a very small section that wasn't iced over, but most of it still had some snow. The weather had started picking up with some dark clouds coming our way, so we didn't stop much longer than to eat a quick snack and start heading back before getting rained on. Here's a video and couple photos I took while up there:

The Grand.

Delta Lake with its small opening of pretty water.

The hike down was fairly straightforward. We decided to continue down the ridge we were on instead of crossing through the snow we came through before. It worked out well. We went down the rock, crossed through scree fields (small rocks and whatnot), crossed over streams, and finally cut back to the trail. We beat the rain just barely, as it started coming down right when we reached the car (after some running of the last bit of the trail). Overall it was a great experience, I love finding new ways to hike familiar places! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 18, 2012

End of JHBC Year

Howdy folks,
It's been another great year at Jackson Hole Bible College. Last Sunday we had the graduation ceremony, and many good and close friends left in the following few days. Staff and students shed many tears over hard goodbyes. But now those of us who remain have moved right into summer camp mode. Cleaning, moving, and working on various projects has kept us all busy. God's grace is carrying us through!

On the weekend of graduation Jordan's (a student) dad took some of us up in his Cessna airplane and went over Jackson Lake where we had some great views of the Teton mountains. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure! It was great fun, I enjoyed the views and spending time with good friends. Here are some photos I took while up there:

Taken with iPhone - some cool distortion from the plane window

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone - Great times with great friends (Alyssa left, Sam right)! :)

Taken with iPhone - Those horizontal lines are the propeller. :)

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone

Taken with iPhone - Thanks so much to the pilot! (Jordan's dad)

Taken with iPhone - Kenton riding shotgun

Taken with Canon 40D - plane wing with Tetons in background

Taken with Canon 40D - Cathedral view of Tetons

Taken with Canon 40D - Jenny Lake and Cascade Canyon

Taken with Canon 40D

Taken with Canon 40D

Taken with Canon 40D

I took more photos, but that's probably enough. :)

And finally, here are a couple photos of spring rain:

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for an upcoming post about JHBC's Spring Geology trip where we went through several awesome national parks! :)

God bless!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Contest

Hi all, so sorry it's been a super long time since last I posted. I've been busy at work here at JHBC, and haven't had the chance to get out shooting much! Though recently I went with the students on their Southwest Geology trip where we went through Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Natural Bridges NP, Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP, and Bryce Canyon NP!! So I will be posting some photos from that trip as soon as I can.

Anyways, photo contest. I entered 5 photos into a photo contest put up by Scott Bourne. So if you'd like to vote for them, I'd appreciate it! Here's the link:

And here are the 5 photos I entered: