Saturday, July 9, 2011

JHBC Reunion

We just finished up a week of Jackson Hole Bible College reunion for all alumni. It was some work for me, but I did get to go on a hike, go to rodeo, play some ultimate frisbee, and hang out some. It was a great week, with some awesome class/devotional times with Pastor Don Landis, Professor Brad Belcher, and Dr. Paul Benware. Here is a small selection of photos from the week:

Hike to Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park.

Great views.

Got to see a moose pretty close!

Hidden Falls.

The Rohrers.

Wildflowers on the trail.

Some more wildflowers - Jenny Lake in background.

Rodeo beginning.

Some Rodeo action.

That guy underneath - holding the bull's head - yeah that crazy man - is who I have to work with everyday. Josh Gilmore is Operations Assistant at JHBC, and works Rodeo during the summer - he really is an honor to work with, and we have lots of fun.  :)

Ally Kuhns, cute as ever.

Thanks for looking!

Flowers at JHBC

Here are some flowers that are here and there around campus:

Thanks for looking!

6/28/11 Emma Matilda Lake Hike

Here's some more photos from another hike Josh Stafford and I went on. Enjoy!

Some neat views of the mountains on this trail.

My hiking (and all around) buddy Josh.

Me! :)

Amazing panoramic view of mountains.

Trail heading right to Grand Teton - or so it looks.

Thanks for looking!

6/27/11 Teton Village Tram Hike

Well, this hike wasn't promising to include great photo opportunities. It was a very good challenging hike up the ski hill, and then once we were half way up to the tram (so we could get a free ride down), we were met by two hikers who told us that in another two miles there was an avalanche that had blocked the trail. I was hiking with a group of 6, and so Josh Gilmore and I decided to not risk it and just start heading back down the trail while the others went onwards. Am I glad I turned back!! We ended up running into those two hikers again, who had stopped because there were three black bears on the trail! There was a mom and two cubs that we decided to be patient with and wait a while, so I got a few photo opportunities for the first bears I've seen here in Wyoming. They didn't want to get off the trail, so Josh and I decided to go back a little bit and then cut down ahead of them a ways. Super awesome, praise the Lord! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Black bear cub.

Mamma bear.

Black bear cubs fighting in the tree.

Very cool-colored black bear cub.

Pausing on the descent.

Starting down the rest of the way.

Other cub following quickly.

6/18/11 Jenny Lake Loupe Hike

Here are a few photos from a hike around Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.