Friday, June 17, 2011

Shooting Birds on Campus

I know, it sounds horrible... but "shooting" can be used for taking pictures too. :)

Lately there have been some more birds around, so I've been able to "shoot" a few right out my door. Hope you enjoy!

Good old American Robin.

Western Tanager - so pretty!

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Death Canyon and Phelps Lake Hike

On June 16th, we finally got out on our first real hike in the park (Grand Teton National Park) this year! Scott (Dean of JHBC and runs Rocky Mountain Ministries), Josh Stafford (college buddy who is on staff with me this year), and I set out to hike Death Canyon after breakfast that morning.

A deer being cautious near the woods.

An overly friendly marmot.

It was nice cool weather for hiking, although our view was limited by the clouds. We couldn't make it all the way up the canyon because of a snow slope that we decided wasn't worth the danger of going over. We went about halfway across it and turned back.

Josh on the snow slope with Death Canyon taunting ahead.

Josh making the trek back across.

Another marmot next to the trail.

On the way back, Josh and I went on a hike around Phelps Lake while Scott went back to the car and was going to pick us up at the road on the other side of the lake. We didn't see much wildlife (other than some more marmots), but the colors were vibrant everywhere. Here are photos of some rock clematis vines we came across:

When we reached the road at the other side, I got a call from Scott: a huge grizzly bear was headed our way!! We both immediately take out our pepper sprays and prepare ourselves for the scary possibility of running right into it. I told Scott that we had just reached the road, and it turns out that if we had been hiking just 2 minutes slower we would have met Mr. Grizzly and would have had to use our pepper spray. So Scott finally drove down to where we were and we drove off. Thankfully Josh was setting a nice fast pace! Praise the Lord. :)

Thanks for viewing!

Snake River Walk

On June 5th I had been itching to get out and do some sort of hiking and photography, so I decided to walk from JHBC to the Snake River bridge (around 4 miles away) and stay till sunset. I had lots of fun practicing on small, speedy birds and also came across some pelicans and a bald eagle. The sunset didn't disappoint either. Thank you Lord for an awesome experience in your creation!

Long panoramic shot of the Teton mountain range behind Snake River.

Pelicans on the Snake with Tetons in the background.

A couple geese flying in front of Tetons.

Bald eagle guarding its nest.

Pelicans in front of Tetons again.


Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jackson Hole Rodeo

Although winter still tries to hold on here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the rodeo in town started up at the end of last month. Here are some of my shots from the setup day prior to the first rodeo and a few from the first rodeo in Jackson. It was a bit chilly, but always a fun experience!

Sun setting on the rodeo-ready stadium.

Ally Kuhns in the driver seat.

Ally taking a nap with Josh Stafford.

Mr. Wilson walking the grounds before the big day.

First ride of the Jackson Hole Rodeo!

Oops... got a little caught up there. No worries, he gets off without being injured badly.

This bull was exciting . . .  ok, not really.

Thanks for looking!